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70s, 80s, 90s BAR CRAWL + FUNDRAISER | SATURDAY, APRIL 25th 5-10pm

Payment for fundraising

School and school groups pay a $50 fee to sell tickets as a fundraising mechanism, with all monies raised kept by that school/group. In return, 2 free GA tickets will be issued, valued at $70.

Name of School/Group/Business

School participation registration

Please fill out a separate form for a SCHOOL, and for any GROUP/ORGANIZATION. For example, if you are signing up North HS to participate, and would also like the NHS Baseball team and the Drama Club to participate, use 3 separate forms. Thanks!

Terms of registration*
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Thank you for registering to be part of Totally Tennyson 6. Stay tuned for further information. In the meantime, please add [email protected] to your safe list to ensure you are receiving all emails in a timely manner.


Totally Tennyson, under the auspices of Hoopla LLC, has set out the following rules and agreements to abide by between now and April 30th:

  • Schools and/or groups ("Schools") MUST report all ticket sales to Totally Tennyson (TT).
  • Any school and/or group that would like to sell tickets as an immediate fundraiser will be invoiced $50 for this opportunity, and upon payment, will have two General Admission complimentary tickets issued electronically. These tickets, valued at $70, can be sold or given away, at your discretion. Any money collected by the school/group will be retained and deposited by that group, but shall be reported in the TT final reports as funds raised for the school in total. For example, a school's sports team, drama club, or health and wellness committee can raise funds for that specific group by paying the $50 fee and can sell tickets, collecting that money for that specific group. Each separate group selling tickets must provide TT with one representative who will be responsible for reporting sales and collecting attendee information.
  • Official event tickets are only issued by TT and are printed by TT. No school is to print their own tickets. All tickets are distributed to guests day of event at a centrally located check in area.
  • Schools MUST keep an accounting of tickets sold, money collected, method of payment, and deposits made in an account associated with your school. No personal bank accounts are acceptable for the collection of funds.
  • A representative responsible for financial accounting for your school and/or the elected treasurer for your organization must sign off on the final accounting. After the event, an official ticket report detailing both rep and TT online sales for your school will be provided as an official record of funds raised as reported by TT.
  • Schools MUST sell General Admission tickets for $35 each, and VIP Admission tickets for $75 each. Under no circumstances can a school offer a special deal, discount or any monetary offer that discounts the $35/$75 per ticket prices.
  • Schools MAY offer non-monetary incentives to purchase TT tickets and host special events on or off school grounds for the purpose of ticket sales. If you have questions about these rules, please ask us for clarification. Examples: Free cupcake at a bake sale or discount ticket to a separate school event hosted by your school when you buy your TT ticket.
  • In return, Totally Tennyson will not offer special deals or under cut the ticket prices on Eventbrite, Facebook or to any previous ticket holders
  • Exceptions to this include: tickets and codes offered exclusively to TT sponsors and partners for the purpose of media and promotion and will not be made available to the general public by Totally Tennyson or publicized in any way by TT.
  • The number of tickets you submit will be multiplied by $35 or $75 as entered as sold and this is the amount of funds that will be reported as the official funds raised by your school from Totally Tennyson 2015. It is the fiscal responsibility of Totally Tennyson and Denver Public Schools Foundation to monitor accurate financial accounting.
  • TICKET SALES after 11:59 pm on April 29 via EventBrite go up in price to $45 and $80 respectively, and will have processing fees added that are payable by the purchaser. Tickets purchased the same day as the event are only available online, or at the event if available, and can not be designated to any specific school. School designation only applies to Advance ticket sales before day of the event.
  • Your school pays all credit cards, Paypal, Square fees or the like if you choose to accept these payment methods. You can pass on the fees to your customers as per the terms and agreements with your payment processor.
  • New this year, Totally Tennyson will be including fees incurred by online credit card and ticketing sales within the ticket price of $30 when sold on EventBrite. No additional service fees will be collected. Remember, if your school collects cash or checks as payment, the full amount of the payment will be deposited by your school - no fees!
  • Violation of any of these stated rules will result in the following progressive penalties:
  • 1st - a written warning and the violation rectified immediately.
  • 2nd - all sales made directly by your organization will be voided and your ticket holders advised to collect refunds directly from your organization.
  • 3rd - tickets sold by TT with your organization selected as a beneficiary will be transferred to the ‘ALL’ affiliation and pooled to the distributed by Denver Public Schools Foundation (DPSF) grant funds.
  • 4th your organization will be excluded for grants resulting from TT funds raised.
  • You will be provided a ticket tracker to help you track your sales. The information should be filled out in full by the school rep and include the purchaser's name, email, and number of tickets purchased. If purchaser does not have an email address, please use your school contact email.
  • Any questions or discrepancies about purchases made directly from a school should be addressed by the school or organization directly. TT should only deal directly with school representatives concerning sales and tracking.


Direct ticket sales by schools/school groups should deposit funds directly into your organization’s bank account. TT will also have a sales site for tickets through Eventbrite.

All official event tickets must be documented electronically solely through the TT official Eventbrite site. The Eventbrite ticket sales site will offer purchasers the option to select one of the 18 schools to be the beneficiary of their ticket purchase. Only one school can be designated per ticket; a single ticket purchase cannot be split amongst schools. If you are a ticket-selling rep, and a buyer would like to designate a school other than your school/group, direct buyers to the TT website where they can designate 1 school per transaction. Separate transactions are required to designate more than one school; or buyer can select ‘ALL’ option and funds will be pooled into the overall DPSF TT grant fund.

Funds from tickets sold on Eventbrite with a specific school designation selected will be available for each school within three weeks of the event. Please note, school groups will not be the recipients of tickets sold online; only DPS schools will receive these funds. We are in the process of finalizing our non-profit fiscal partner, and predict that the grant funds to benefit individual schools will be distributed via the Lawson system. Front office staff and/or school principals will be contacted by TT staff to expedite required paperwork.

Grant funds are determined via ticket sales on the Eventbrite site. Ticket funds with the ALL SCHOOLS designation will be available exclusively to our 15 participating schools through the grant process; STRIVE schools are not included in the grant pot for 2016. The grant process and division of funds takes into account volunteer participation, student numbers, Free and Reduced Lunch rate, and volunteer commitment among other factors.

We look forward to the most successful event to date, and if you have any issues or concerns, please email us.

The above stated terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.